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What do you do if your SO told you she/he will NEVER trust y

What do you do if your SO told you she/he will NEVER trust you again and proved to you day in and day out that she/he will not trust you ever... If their actions showed you day in and day out that they will never ever trust you in any circumstance but they don't want to get divorced, what do you do? Does having small children in the home sway your opinion on what to do?

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Nov 11

well put

Nov 12

Staying is not always an option with kids involved. I have seen a few recommendations. My best friend's parents stayed together until their teens with the same idea. As a teenager he was more relieved and less stressed when they separated because of the tension and resentment. Kids are resilient. Especially at a younger age. Staying together for the sake of it does not always mean a better safer happier stable place for children. Every case is different. Life is in misery is not living to your best potential as a person, parent, father.

She needs to start healing and quit the resentment. She needs to go to therapy and you bot could benefit couples counseling.

Nov 19

@Scat surprising how much that actually happens...


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