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We've been married for 5 years and i never knew a day would

We've been married for 5 years and i never knew a day would come when i will have to question his fidelity. Things began to take a turn when i started perceiving a particular perfume on his shirt each time he returns home from work, but i could not confront him on this. Later, i found out that he had changed the password to his phone(since we got married, this has never happened, his password has always been my birth date). So, i confronted him but he never came clean, instead, he picked up a fight and made me feel stupid for suspecting him. I told my friend about it and she advised that i hire a private investigator to confirm my suspicion that he might be cheating but i didn't like the idea of someone following him around. Eventually, i got something better, another friend introduced me to an Hacker and every doubt and suspicion came to light. My husband has been seeing someone else. The hacker provided me with text messages, phone call recordings, pictures my husband sent from our matrimonial bed, email of him flirting with his secretary. My world came crashing and i could not spend one more day with him. Its been difficult going through this divorce phase but i'm learning to take it a day at a time because at the end of the day i had enough proofs i needed for divorcePs: you can contact the hacker here sphinx.coderaven at gmail dot com if you have a need for him. He's good at what he does

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Sep 17

Gmail dot com =enough said this is total crap! The ps gives this loser junk away!

Sep 17

@queensway I agree. Johnyun, you call it like you see it, regardless if I want to see it and I do appreciate that!

19 hours ago

I'm so sorry you went thru this! It sucks being right sometimes, but better to know than be lied to and even risk a disease. It is clear you are strong and able to do what you need to, I pray for peace and comfort in this time of difficult transition. Be strong, join support groups and find friends that help you along the way. <3


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