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Well it's Valentines Day. I have not been asleep since 2/13/

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Well it's Valentines Day. I have not been asleep since 2/13/19 @ 4am. I always dread this day. This is the exact day in which my world ended. I can't do anything but cry. I am so sorry for being a downer, but I am having trouble coping today. I just wished I could just isolate for a few days but its not possible to do that with children to care for. I am seriously considering arranging my life where I can go inpatient because I can't keep doing this.

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Feb 14

You have a right to be depressed on this day. Stop beating yourself up. You didn't do anything wrong. Go take a hot shower/bath with some music you enjoy, make plans with the kids and make this a new way to celebrate.

Feb 14

I am so sorry you are hurting. HUGS. 2 years ago my H took me out for a nice Valentines dinner. And guess what he was cheating on me during that time. It was all his idea to go to dinner and make nice. So fake. You must live with the truth. It hurts but it gets better. Much better! Valentines Day is just a day to me now. And you are not a downer, you are a woman who is in pain. It's okay... please get some sleep and always remember that tomorrow is a new day!

Feb 14

Not cool, let it out and don't hold it in.


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