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Update on my situation for those that have been following al

Update on my situation for those that have been following along at all. I have come 100% clean to my wife and she is the most amazing woman ever to exist. God prepared her heart for to tell her and it was amazing. She forgave me and took me in with open arms. We have this new connection that is the most amazing thing ever. I realized that the woman I always fantasized about has been right in front of me the entire time. God has done so much work in our lives and I'm so excited about our marriage now. We have this crazy connection now and the affection is so great. I don't know how she has done so well expect the fact that God has been at work and did not want our marriage to be ruined. I'm going through counseling as well to help make sure I heal from my sexual addictions that have been a part of my life for the last 16 years. Thanks so much for the support I've got in this group and for people not being harsh on me. I know I made a lot of mistakes but God can heal. We are recommitted to each other like never before and starting over is so great. Already picking her out a new ring and all :)

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Dec 7

Shes a better woman than i in that case.

Dec 11

@sueshe - She's amazing! It's by the grace of God alone. She's been more upset to me about wayyyyyy smaller things and she knows it's God working in her life as well. She can just tell how sincere I am and is loving the new me as am I :)

Dec 11

@Scat - Amen!!! Me too!!


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