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today is my 9 year anniversary with my husband. in previous


today is my 9 year anniversary with my husband. in previous years this would be a great day. but today I feel numb, im not happy and all I could think about is the broken vows from my husband. today it hurts to see our photos of getting married and it hurts to see facebook memories of us saying we love each other

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Sep 10

@Fubar2013 I agree with you on that 100 percent.

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Sep 10

@Ellen4550 Society as a whole is a collective consciousness. We float or sink together. To me, it’s not enough to rely on parents to teach how to live in a healthy manner. This isn’t about telling people how to live their lives, you still have freedoms to ignore advice, it’s more about removing ignorance to allow for better decisions. Emotional ignorance is a major problem in western culture.

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Sep 10

@Fubar2013 Yep!!!


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