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Today I contacted the wife of my wife's AP. I waited for a f

Today I contacted the wife of my wife's AP. I waited for a few weeks since dday to let myself calm down somewhat. I hadn't decided whether or not to contact her at all, until I posted in this group about it. He has kids too and I wondered why bring another family the pain and suffering that my wife and I have been going through. Thanks for everyone who commented to say that if it was them, they would want to know the truth regardless of how much it hurt. I agree. It is definitely the right thing to do. Especially in this case where I know that this scumball has a history of cheating. Turns out it wasn't as easy to contact her as I thought. I had her e-mail address which was a joint account with her scumball husband (ha actually has 3 other hotmail accounts himself), and her home phone number (he lives there too). I finally sent her a message via facebook which I hope he did not intercept. Considering their joint e-mail and private facebook pages, and the fact that he cheated on his first wife with his current wife, I assume there's not much trust in their relationship already.
Anyway, I just told her the basic facts of it and the dates and locations that he met my wife (that I know of). Haven't heard anything back.

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@DadInSC did you play the recording back to her?

Jul 17

If your wife was even thinking of throwing you overboard for the fantasy of a skype relationship, I hope you realize how much help she needs. This was a fantasy escape, and the questions she is going to have to consider will be many. How was she so able to confuse fantasy and reality, why was an escape into this fantasy so enticing, why was she unable to stay in reality and so much more. This is so not about you and I hope that one day you will derive some comfort from being able to really see how distorted her vision was and how much help she needs from a professional

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Jul 17

@cantseestraight yes, i brought up everything on those recordings point by point. She says most of it was just bs that she made up to fit her alternate reality self and some of it she just says that she is sorry and that hearing it makes her realize how horrible it was. Of course i still cant sort out what to believe or not.


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