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Tired!!! My husband has been having an emotionally affair wi


Tired!!! My husband has been having an emotionally affair with the same woman for 2yrs now and I just don’t know what to do or what’s my next step.

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Jul 9

@Yan1 she has nothing for you. You have to choose based on what you know and the actions of your partner. This affair has gone on for a long time she does not care about you. Do not give her any more power. Throw him out. I did not do it when I found out from ego. My husband is here he loves me trying hard he ghosted the other woman and then told her to never contact him again. And now three months later I am still angry and in need of some space. It’s hard to look at him.

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Jul 10

@Bella_Lee I wish my ex husband was willing to put the effort into saving our family. He was involved with a co worker and she really played him. She pumped his narcissistic ego up properly the way only a home wrecker can. I'm not bitter.. Just grateful I got away fully intact with my character still in place. I gave my all to someone unwilling to see anything other than the needs of his " other brain" . Won't be doing that again.

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Jul 10

Similar situation - short physical affair, that continued as an emotional affair after I was told "don't worry" "it's over, you have nothing to worry about" An emotional affair is as painful or even more so than a physical affair. I wish I had spoken to a professional therapist 6 years ago.... I finally did recently and it was life changing. If I could go back and tell myself anything: Don't be afraid to feel your feelings. You are not crazy. You are not overreacting. I recently saw a quote online that really put things in perspective: SOMEONE WHO HAS THE CAPACITY TO TREAT YOU SO CRUELLY IS NOT SOMEONE WHO YOU CAN EVER CHANGE TO HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY.


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