Thought I would share something that actually brought me som


Thought I would share something that actually brought me some peace, three days ago I had a conversation with my wife about excessive phone time particularity in bed. I explained that this made me feel second choice to her phone and that I felt as even though she was physically there she wasn't really present. Well last night my wife didn't touch her phone once we lied down and in fact told me she was tired but trying to stay awake to spend additional time with me. I leaned over to kiss her head and thank her but asked her to go to sleep if she was tired and thanked her for her conscious effort. She then tucked her head into my shoulder and fell asleep. This was the closest, safest, and loved I have felt in a long time. Just wanted to share some great progress with everyone.

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Jan 14, 2020

I would like to encourage you to be strong and try to almost seek solace in the notifications. Try to spin it in a good way in your head, she is happy and do really want anything more than that? I'm sure you would prefer she were happy with you but maybe it was never meant to be......... two reasons I see for you to just carry on! One if she is happier with someone else or is for now because it's new and exciting with time she will grow stagnant and bored with this relationship too. This will set you free to one day find someone that truly makes you happy and appreciates you. Secondly the kids will start to realize that mom is there but not really present, as they shoot quick glances and see she is on her phone or head down reading a text they will take notice and one day they will appreciate what you have done. I have tried to attend ALL of my children's happenings, soccer games, track meets, concerts, band recitals, etc and about 6 months ago my 16 year old said to after a 1:00am track meet finish almost 90 miles from the house, "dad thank you for coming to all my sports stuff, it means a lot just knowing you are there." So I chocked back the tears and kissed her head. One day they will realize and appreciate it even if it's when they are grown and have children of their own and realize the sacrifice we make as parents. So I guess in a long winded way you keeping doing you and focusing on yourself and your children. Take what you have learned from this relationship and make yourself the best partner you can be when you meet someone new.

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Jan 17, 2020

Congratulations, it sounds like she thinks you are more important then her phone.

Jan 20, 2020

@Jimdubu I think a lot of it is just communicating how it makes you feel, and that it's something that is important to you.


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