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This is on my mind today. When my husband was in the affair

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This is on my mind today. When my husband was in the affair we had been married 12 years. We had two little boys. We had stressful jobs, a home, a sick father in law, my husband coached our sons baseball team. We had a lot going on it was tough. Knowing how weak he was during those times and thinking he was strong and finding out just the opposite was true. What happens if we have to face difficult times again.

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Sep 8

@Angie2002 love right back at you. Sorry, nobody needs triggers. Took my daughter on a ride today!

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Sep 8

@Dnewk comes with the territory. We are all just trying to find our way.

Sep 8

@johnyun20 she said she read at some site you should not say 100%. Trust me, it didn't sound like smart advice. Some ppl don't always think for themselves. My big problem with my wife. Two other doctors were doing the thinking for her, both around 20 years older.


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