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They did it because they wanted to. It wasn't a mistake; i

They did it because they wanted to. It wasn't a mistake; it was a choice. Every boundary that was crossed had to go past a conscious. A conscience that said "this is wrong." What about my husband/wife? They chose to be selfish. Even if it meant losing everything. They cheated. On us. They let go of us for someone else. No excuses allowed.

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I read this out loud to my husband. He refused to say anything.

Feb 17, 2018

@Srrj figures. I think I may do the same.....

Feb 18, 2018

Absolutely. Everytime this comes up, she says "I messed up"... "it was one time" (supposedly, she only kissed, him, and supposedly, only once).... but I told her that it wasn't even that.

It was hundreds of betrayals. It was every time she tried to put a little extra effort into her appearance for him... It was every text message she sent him. Every time she went to lunch with him, or lied to me about where she was, or what she was doing.

I do think that they started out as "just friends", and It developed into something else... and I think that is why she is able to avoid dealing with guilt. Or maybe she just doesn't care, and that's why the guilt is just not there for her.


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