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Therapy did not go well today . She asked why I always answe

Therapy did not go well today . She asked why I always answer a question with a question . My reply was “ I don’t know, why do YOU think I do it?” She ain’t happy ...

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@Wyatt16 seems like there may be a pattern. I have a good friend/coworker that is going through the exact same thing that you and I are going through. He and I both treated our wives like queens, were dedicated honest husbands, do all the cooking, great fathers. Our wives cheated on us. Both of our wives say their marriages were perfect. I think they cheated not because they were unhappy but because they were so comfortable and knew we would always be here for them. A girlfriend of mine way back in high school once told me I can’t be so nice. Maybe I should have listened to her, but it’s just the way I am. Being a good man, father, husband is not a bad thing. Our wives have the problem not us. Not your fault Wyatt.

Dec 8

@Devastatedhusband mine said she cheated because I was too vanilla , wasn’t exciting enough for her so she got bored


@Wyatt16 nothing wrong with that. Her problem


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