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The pain, frustration and lack of sleep from my wife's affai


The pain, frustration and lack of sleep from my wife's affairs finally caused me to do something I've avoided all these years - contact the wife of the OM. The scumbag has been pursuing my wife for almost 7 years since d-day, and every December since then has been hell, as it marks not only d-day, but also the time when he never fails to try again, on her birthday. The past few years, it has been a message from an ex-friend of hers, who still works at the same place as us, and I know she enjoys relaying the message because I hate her so much.
So I sent a short, anonymous note to his wife asking if she knew what he was up to. I worded it carefully, so it could have come from several of the people who he has tried to contact her through, since he has not been all that discreet.
I know, it was stupid, and I will probably regret it, but I can't stand that he can keep doing this and continue to get away with it. I am hoping it will stop now, and maybe he will feel a little of the pain that I have.

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Bee4bdn's picture
Jan 14

@Piwo33 We can’t fix or change other people. All we have the power to fix or change is ourselves. Hand him over to his Creator God. He knows his heart better than anyone. You could pray that he be exposed without exposing your wife. I know it might seem unfair that the AP is moving forward untouched but you don’t honestly know what they’re going through nor where they’ve been. They deserve the same chance of survival that the rest of us do. This is where I’m grateful that the OW was single. A couple years ago a friend who has the same OW as we do, told me if OW ever married she’d hire a wh0re to seduce her H. It seems unfair nobody hired one to seduce you, right!? You’re better off that they didn’t. You get to keep your integrity this way. (((Hugs)))

Jan 18

You're right that we can't fix other people, just like we can't fix ourselves to please other people if it means not being true to ourselves - this part I have discovered over the past year as part of re-discovering who I am. No worries about anyone seducing me... I have kept my integrity throughout this marriage, and don't intend to change that for anything. If I leave, it won't be for another woman; it will be for me. Thanks for your insight.

April's picture
Jan 29

@sgw67 - love your integrity/honor/respect..


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