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Still struggling, my wife and I have both read the book, how


Still struggling, my wife and I have both read the book, how to help your spouse heal from your affair, and I think it has helped. She is being far more open and honest about things and no longer hides her phone screen from me when chatting, but I still don’t believe she has told me everything about what went on despite her swearing I now know everything. I still have this mantra going around in my head about her cheating and how useless I must be. It’s been 2 months today since I had my suspicions confirmed, I was hoping I’d be feeling a little less suspicious of her every move by now, I hate the jealous, clingy, pathetic person this has turned me into.

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Apr 17

Your wife should be a wide open book to you from now on.
she caused your mistrust of her and now she will have to change her life until YOU decide to stay or move on from her infidelity ways she chose. She forgets why you are asking so many questions. Yes they will continue and get more specific until YOU decide YOU feel comfortable, not her. The process of trust may take forever or may never come back, that is up to YOU!

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Apr 17

@Km27 Why yes i was. :)

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Apr 21

Just got back from a nice vacation. I am neither MrBrains. I am happily married, for almost two decades. But I have friends who were betrayed and a brother who tried to commit suicide.


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