Something just dawned on me. My husband had become really je

Something just dawned on me. My husband had become really jealous at the fact I was getting hit on alot. I tell him everything because I have nothing to hide. He was making comments about how I dress and put make up on. He said, "why are you prepping so much? Are you meeting someone?", ect. I always prep before i leave. Im very girly and always have been. So, I confronted his behavior and used his coworker as an example. I said "you go to work 30 mins early and sometimes stay late to talk to your coworker who is a female. Ya'll talk all the time and she shares intimate details with you about her life. Yet, I give you respect and dont accuse or question you. So, why can you not do the same for me?". His first reaction was to tell me nothing is going on between them and he was firm. Although I never stated or asked if anything was going on. And most interestingly, ever since this conversation he hardly mentions her anymore. So much so that I thought she got a new job but i found out she still works there.

Anyone else find this interesting?

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Yes, "not just friends" is an excellent book.
A really big question that I think will shed a lot of light on your situation.... "Is she a friend to your marriage? or just a friend to him?"

If you would feel comfortable chatting with her at an office social event, or if she genuinely cares about the two of you AS A COUPLE, then she may be considered a non-threat.

But if she avoids you, or feels awkward around you, it's probably because she knows they have had conversations about things that should not be shared, and she realizes that is inappropriate.

This doesn't mean they are or have slept together, but it probably means that there is an unhealthy connection.

Obviously, all situations are different. But I think as a general rule, that's a good one.

Apr 8

@jamiemaddrox2020 i'll have to check it out. I did show up to his work one day and when she came in she seemed really on edge. I asked my husband if she was ok because she seemed really PO'd and on verge of tears. That when he spilled the beans that shes unhappy in her marriage and "has things going on".

It was an odd interaction to say the least.


@Alostlover Even if they aren't screwing around, I think you should voice the opinion that if she isn't happy in her marriage, she should find a girlfriend or someone single for a shoulder to cry on. If he's really interested in making your marriage the priority, then he won't have a problem with it.


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