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Some of us just can’t get over it, can’t shake what our


Some of us just can’t get over it, can’t shake what our spouses have done. He’s trying and working but the pain Is so severe. It will be a year on sept 3, since dday. We’ve changed our marriage we have date nights and he checks in we go to marriage counseling he always checks on me and supports me when I’m upset. I won’t let him in. I just can’t. I can’t keep doing this to him and our kids. I’m holding everyone back. I always done something to stress over in regards to him and our marriage.

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Aug 12

@devastatedinptbo this is absolute truth. Your brain can really getting you going and spiraling

Aug 13

The pain and the healing is very real. And, yes, it does take time. But, it can also be like a cozy blanket that is comfortable and you want to keep close. There will be a moment in time when you must decide, do I want my marriage or do I not? Only then will the true healing begin. You have to decide what you want. Another part of the healing is processing through all of the emotions, pain, hurt, anger... and then letting it go. This is were the restoration can thrive and you marriage can again as well. In fact, often something like this will bring couples closer together and into a place of deeper intimacy with each other.

Aug 14

@SheWrote thank you. And the hardest part is this is the hardest part.


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