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So weird question. My husband asked me last night if I ever

So weird question. My husband asked me last night if I ever question whether or not he loves me. He clarified by saying "not in the 'oh do you love me?' type way but the 'how could he possibly love me' type way". He said he has thought that for years and never thought I truly loved him. I told him no, I can't say that I ever thought he didn't love me (didn't even get into the "except when you lied and cheated part"). He now thinks he has a condition that he needs extreme therapy for because he is always paranoid that I don't love him and never did. Short of my feelings for him over the couple of years, I have no idea why he thinks that and he can't tell me. All he says is that he is such a disgusting person inside and out, he can't see how I could ever have loved him. What do you even say to that?

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eyesopen2018's picture
Aug 30

@Charliegirl816 Thank you - he isn't consistent with his therapy and I'm not sure I should be constantly asking him if he's going to make an appointment. I feel like if he wants to get better, he'll do it but he just doesn't...I am working on my own therapy and find that (surprisingly), I don't like it when I am exposing my weakness to others and now that my therapist sees them and is focusing on that, I am getting uncomfortable but know I have to push through to get better.

Aug 31

@eyesopen2018 I agree with you regarding his decision to seek help. Dealing with and working through the difficulties in our lives is hard and can be painful, yet an outside person can see things from a different perspective. Don't beat yourself up, take it one meeting at a time and, yet stay focused on what your therapist is asking you to do. Hoping for the best!

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Aug 31

what you say is why are you trying to manipulate me? It's tactics and only that to divert. People will try all they can to avoid reality and honesty with you and themselves.


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