So today's conversation was!!!! He doesn't know how to feel

So today's conversation was!!!! He doesn't know how to feel and how his happy only lasts a few minutes. So I decided to send him an article on sociopaths. He got the role perfectly. He then tells me he can't feel happiness and he doesn't know what wrong with him, but he somehow loves me. He was abused as a child, got hit a few times and bla bla. So he apparently has all the answers and refuses to try. So says he thinks divorce is the right path to take... but wants a civil one. What's that mean? We can still be friends and so on! Haaaaaa, no thanks. I've been your mat for way too long. It's either marriage or nothing. Like he keeps wanting his cake and eat it too. No way! Then he texts me and says I always make him say what he thinks I wanna hear...... why don't you try harder for a change. So saying you want divorce is me forcing it on you? Wow! This is like a soap opera!!!!

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Feb 17

I would go with it, and try for a civil divorce and then SPLIT!

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Feb 17

I would call his bluff at this point. Tell him, you want a divorce and start proceeding with making plans. See what he does then. If he goes wth it, screw him.

14 hours ago

You cant change other people. He either wants to change or he doesnt. You have to make decisions for changes in your life that understands that.


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