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So my boyfriend/fiancé of almost 20 years had an affair wit


So my boyfriend/fiancé of almost 20 years had an affair with a woman going on 2 years which in itself is a huge problem. But anyway he says he “chose” me to be with and now we’re together and I don’t know how to and when to have sex with him again it’s been so long. He doesn’t seem to want sex yet he says how could I want sex right now it’s all too fresh. I’m confused!

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Aug 13

Hi everyone it’s been a while since I’ve posted! Well I’m still with my bf things are ok but the sex thing not so much so I give up! Ugh! He still thinks I’m pushing things! I’m done with this crap!

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Aug 13

@Alice59 at some point in marriage sex likely will be gone. If he couldn't marry you in 20 years what will happen in times of prolonged ill' health?
He didn't choose you. He still hasn't chosen you. A MAN picks his flower from the garden and cares, grows, grows with and nourishes her mind body and soul ... till death do us part. Not run outside of the relationship then try to ingratiate' you about it. I am a man and I've taught my son better than that and now my grandson. Treat ladies with love and care not sex objects. Sorry just had an opinion.

Aug 13

@Alice59 I have to agree with @Rdan- he hasn’t chosen you. You have chosen to stay with someone who won’t marry you, won’t have sex with you, won’t take responsibility for, or work on repairing your relationship after his affair. You have chosen to stay and be continually disregarded and disrespected. That’s not him choosing you, that’s him benignly sitting there and you allowing him to do so. Scrape him off.


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