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So I'm thinking my wife is cheating with her boss, who is al


So I'm thinking my wife is cheating with her boss, who is also married. A few times a week she either has to go in early or stay late.

Other things are, when she does get home. We get the kids settled in and eventually off to bed, she then falls asleep on the couch. There's no time for us. She doesn't try to hold my hand anymore, she rarely hugs me, and she doesn't touch me. By that I mean just a hand on my shoulder or arm or leg. Just little kind of flirty touching.

The biggest thing happened at her work x-mas party. There was plenty of drinking and her boss is one of those touchy feely kind of drinkers. So as the night went he was getting like that with her. While I'm there and while his wife is there. His wife is very passive and I guess didn't see what I was or just brushed it off. Now as the night went on his attention turned from my wife to a different female employee. Wife got noticeably upset, she doesn't hide it well, and we left immediately. It was a quiet car ride home. Once we got home I questioned her on why she was upset and made us leave. She denied she was upset of course. So not satisfied with her answers I dug deeper and asked her about her relationship with her boss and what I saw tonight and other concerns I've had about some of their previous interactions. Which were conversations that they've had. She again denied and turned it on me about trusting her and other previous issues married couples have. I have always trusted my wife, until as of late. Are my concerns valid?

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May 11

You are not the one that ruined anything. All the red flags are there your wife seems to be cheating. If anyone going to take responsibility for ruining your family it’s her. Most cheaters always turn it around to hide the fact they are cheating. This is something I always recommend but hope this doesn’t backfire, have a conversation with your wife’s boss’s wife. See if she notice anything.

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May 12

You're in the "Fear Fog" brother -
You're afraid your wife is cheating - you're afraid she will take the kids -
you're afraid to see another man in their lives - and you're afraid to talk to your wife.

You have to shake it off brother and deal with a few facts -
1. I agree with @johnyun20 - the red flags are there - she definitely seems to be cheating
2. You love your wife but you can not make her love you back
3. Your wife is 100% responsible for this mess not you
4. If you guys split - a judge will decide what happens with the kids - she can't just take your kids from you
5. I doubt very seriously if this guy will leave his wife for yours - most office flings are just that
6. She might be doing things on the low low - either deleting her messages or maybe a burner phone

If you're too afraid to talk to your wife nothing will change and you will just have to accept that this is your new normal (communication is the key) - or you can sit her down and let her know you're not happy and things have to change. We teach people how we want to be treated.

You should hope for the best but prepare for the worst - If I were you I would start looking out for myself and start planning ahead to protect yourself if things go south - Your wife is obviously thinking of herself and while she's denying you intimacy she could also be planning a whole different life that does not include you.

Sorry you're still dealing with this brother - protect yourself - Still sending strength and prayers your way

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Why don't you ask her to go to counselling as you are obviously unhappy whether she is cheating or not. I think she is at least flirting with her boss, and likes him, probably more. And even the flirting is not ok. I was scared of all of the things you are scared of too. Try and heal the marriage bc you are obviously not ready to leave.


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