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So I was having a thought. The OW/M has been found out that

So I was having a thought. The OW/M has been found out that's why we are here. I know my husband will not contact her again. I'm pretty sure he won't do this again. However you never know. So if he does there will be another OW to deal with and honestly I'm not going to. If he does though the common denominator is my husband not the OW.

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Mar 13, 2018

@Mk2015 Amen!

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Mar 14, 2018

Sad but true with regards to turning into a PI, that was me too. Pure torture really. Everything you said is a mirror image of my thoughts. My h swears he will not do it again because of what it did to both of us.

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Apr 27

@WiltingDaisy Yes it was really hard to get my W then, years ago while the affair was going on to admit it. I was there, home alone, no family, no friends and she lied to me about shopping. I was trying to be a non-jealous H, supportive of her need to to confident. After a few weekly nights however, I relaized she brought nothing home that she had bot. When I asked to go along she refused and ran out the door. When I asked her to stay with me and watch a movie or something she said no. One night I took the car and went out (saw a porn movie, I was angry at her) to preempt the weekly. At first I never thought there was an affair and we had been married just three months. I was in graduate school, wanted to be a veterinarian. I went to the school for a room assignment rom out apartment living but had to wait. Wanted to force her to tell me what was going on. One night i went for a walk when she was out shopping. Something changed thereafter and ou relation changed (she had told him no to sex). A year later they became best friends and we did things ( dinners, TV, hobbies) with his family until they moved away. I never had "proof" of the affair. He was good at it having had affairs that did not work out so they hid it well.......... Not until yes told me she gave me an STD years later (and I have been with one woman ever, even now) that I had the goods on her.........

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