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So i need some honest opinions. My wife and I are trying to

So i need some honest opinions. My wife and I are trying to work things out. She is in another state staying with her parents right now because she cheated on me. I have our 2 girls. She has our boy. Since then we hace decided to reconcile and i asked her to come back and we will go to therapy and repair tte relashionship with our oldest who she devastated. She is insisting on staying where she is atvfkr treatment before she comes back. In my opinion she cam do the same things here with the family intact that she can where she is at with the family severed. She made a deal to come back after her first therapy appointment in the 17th but has sinnce backed out and switched the date to march 15th but really she wants to wait all the way until june. I have expressed my desire and the kids desire for her to return despite her horrible act. She says being back with us would taint her treatment and everything will fail. I say the longer she stays away the less likely things will work because me and the girls have to deal with the mess she made and the longer we have to fix it without her the less likely we will want her back. So i just want an opinion because everyone in my personal life says she should come back asap and cam fix things just the same. Thank you in advance

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Jan 15

@jchere didn’t really occur to me until he said she enrolled him in school there. She has already taken steps to change their son’s state of residence. Whether her intention is to stay there or come back, the results are the same. It seems to me that he needs to challenge the change in residency immediately or risk not having a leg to stand on in court later.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Jan 15

@Joemail when it first happened to me 4 + years ago, someone told me to get a lawyer just to make a point that the formal side of the relationship was over and that trust was gone. I did not but in retrospect it was not bad advice. The more you can do to assert yourself and seem confident is good to make the WS see strength in you when in reality you are a basket case.

Jan 15

Im sorry you find yourself here. It sounds like she is not working on the relationship. Otherwise she would not be in another state. I’d get a lawyer and get your legal rights in order fast. And don’t be kind about this. She will pull your heart strings to get what she wants. If she abandoned your family then you need to get that legally taken care of fast.


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