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So I am once again feeling pain and anxiety over my H leavin


So I am once again feeling pain and anxiety over my H leaving yesterday morning to London UK to be with his one true "love" in 14 years he never took days off for me or our children unless absolutely necessary. My son's birthday is on the 19th of this month and he made me believe that he couldn't afford to pitch in for the cake dinner plans or my son's choice of activity. But he packed his new shirts new boxers in his Tommy Hilfiger luggage with his Jordan shoes nicely tucked inside with a plane TICKET to her!!! To top it off I was laid off yesterday only hours after he left. I am so stressed out I feel like I am getting crap from every angle everyone and the world is just out to get me!!! How much more can I take??? How low to the ground do I have to get to? Will this be my life forever? A "friend" of mine always said that she'd help me with anything, I asked her for help I reached out which I never do...I live in NY and everyone else is in CA that I know like family and my bestfriend. She is the one person I've known since I moved here 5 years ago...well as you can imagine the help she claimed to always be there for no longer. I am truly alone now.

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Nov 20

@Kas1966 maybe and then maybe not. If it doesnt it then I guess they were really ment to be together. If they dont which is what I feel will happen then I just hope the next person that wants to love him he does well and keeps it in his pants for her. I in the other hand will take my time to know me love me accept myself and all that I am and maybe someday the person that was ment for me will come looking for me and find me. I know I know I am a hopeless romantic. A girl can dream right? Lol

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Nov 20

@Mexilove87 bless you if you can still dream. Nurture that don't let it go.

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Nov 24

@Mexilove87 start finding someone else very attractive then tell him about it . Then ask him how does that feel.!!!


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