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So how did you feel after the infidelity? For me it's a roll


So how did you feel after the infidelity? For me it's a roller coaster. One day im happy and then the other I'm sad. I'm trying very hard to work on our marriage cause I still love him. But I hurt everyday and I'm getting more and more toward depression. It sucks that he hurted me cause I never thought he would. Now I sit here contemplating if we ever be the same

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Oct 12

How long has it been since you found out? I was just like you. Up and downs.... But, what really helped me and my husband was couples counseling. It helped us to face what happened as well as why it happened. It was so freeing to get all that out and then we could forgive each other and then the healing came. It took awhile to get to that point, but we would not have gotten to this point of healing with out counseling, prayer, and open and honest communication. The whole process hurt and was a shock, but we got to the other side and have been reconciled for over 20 years now.

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Oct 12

@lissy1265 how long did it take you to truly let it go? To relax enough to trust again?

8 hours ago

I dont know how to anymore


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