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So – my husband has changed his meds and his behavior and

So – my husband has changed his meds and his behavior and demeanor is much better – almost like I remembered him to be. We went on vacation last week and it was great, but here is the thing – I am ok with him as part of my family, but not as my partner, I dread being alone with him. I don’t want to be intimate at all with him, like I feel absolutely nothing. And it’s not because I am not in “the mood”, I just don’t want to with him. We are two years in just about and this has gotten worse over the last few months. I just don’t want any part of him, but want my family together. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know if this will pass. I don’t even want to kiss him and I pretty much have to pretend with everything. The worst part is that my mind is starting to wander with others and I feel awful for it. I didn't notice people like that before this and now I do. Has anyone had this and it passed? Mine just keeps getting worse.

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Aug 14

@eyesopen2018 He's overly Idealistically In love. It's a man thing. We tend to do that. I don't think he's doing it with some sort of purpose to it. Don't over think it.

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Aug 14

@MrBrains well it's annoying and creepy and he needs to stop. lol

Aug 14

@eyesopen2018 In terms of your marriage, do what is best for you? Since your h is the reason for you feeling this way, he has no say in the matter if you want to leave or stay.


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