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Ok so I have a complaint and a question. I'm in Ecuador wit

Ok so I have a complaint and a question.
I'm in Ecuador with my friend at her family's house. My husband has been acting weird for the past few days. It started last week with a message saying " how come you are on messenger just about any time? Then yesterday during the wedding he kept messaging me about not having sex with anyone and why wasn't I answering him, did I find someone?.Then overnight,he wanted to know why I was on messenger and this morning and this evening he messaged me "you haven't been on for 50 minutes. That's unusual".So this is starting to get on my nerves. I don't know his point? Is he insinuating I'm talking to someone? Is he making fun of me? So far I am ignoring him but it's bothering me. He's never said this before. Do I ask him what his problem is or just continue to leave it alone?

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Feb 11

He is scared.

Merphurts's picture
Feb 11

@Scat I told him I'm not talking to anyone. I am sitting in bed with my friend talking and laughing. I told him I was just checking Facebook. He said oh ok. So I'll see if he acts the same today.

Feb 11

@Merphurts, so glad you're having fun, enjoying yourself, socializing.


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