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Ok I got a serious question. Not sure why but for some reaso

Ok I got a serious question. Not sure why but for some reason I just cannot stay with a person who I cannot put faith in I can be absolutely head over heels for them but first time a big red flag comes along I’m out. Guess what I’m trying to say is how do others stay when I can walk away. I am not saying it don’t hurt for a while but I just up and walk it’s kinda made me reevaluate myself cause I walked away from a 10year marriage ( though it was hell) without a regret cept for my daughter and I recently just ended a relationship with a girl I did really care about. I read all kinds of posts where people stay with a spouse or gf/bf that cheat on them I don’t get it am I cold hearted or made of stone what’s wrong with me?

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flowergirl75's picture
May 17

Are you walking away because they cheated? Or just seeing signs of infidelity? I don't think theres anything wrong with it either way. It's your choice and only you can make the choices for yourself.

May 17

@flowergirl75 I’m walking away because yes I cannot trust her and I know it would destroy me if I stayed if I cannot trust I can never be happy she does and says to many things that I just think are lies I’m just so done with it .

Almost.There's picture
May 17

maybe you never loved her? or maybe you love yourself more to allow someone to hurt you. either way, there is nothing wrong with walking away. If you can't forgive her then it's your choice to leave, even God gives us that choice. He is the ultimate expert on these things (if you believe in God) so I'd trust Him on this.


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