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Not good at all I need help! I feel so depressed, confused a


Not good at all I need help! I feel so depressed, confused and heartbroken.

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Aug 13

I would also suggest making up a fake email that you never use and keeping anything you do find in that email. I made the mistake of deleting everything I found years ago thinking (and hoping) I would never need it again. What I wouldn't give to go back and see if any of those phone numbers or cc statements matched what I saw now.

Kyleah's picture
Aug 13

After I learned about the cheating I realized how much information was there in plain view. Phone records with length of calls. Text records (not content, but date/time/frequency). Google maps location history recorded his comings and goings for 18 months. Yahoo email and yahoo contacts recorded every contact he ever made (online sl$ts, hotels, etc). Used Spokeo to find the porn site he uploaded a video to. Got on facebook while on his computer and saw he had a separate account under a false name. When I was logged into his google I saw his payment history for dating apps. He finally got off my phone plan when I detailed all the information I already knew about the new woman he was dating. Her phone number, his 400 back and forth texts (including video texts), where she worked, who her ex-husband was, where she lived (or used to live), how old she was, her maiden name, her other 2 married names. It was amazing how quickly he got off the phone plan after hearing all of that.

Aug 14

I am so sorry. All the above advice is sound. I am sorry you have to investigate. Trust your gut above all else.


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