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Ninety days ago discovered/confirmed my wife has been having


Ninety days ago discovered/confirmed my wife has been having affairs for the past eight years. One of her cheating partners posted compromising pictures of the two of them on revenge porn sites. My wife denies having ever cheated and proclaims someone made “fake” pictures of her likeness—all the way down to moles, unique characteristics, clothing and our home. The photos were taken in our home. The marriage isn’t salvageable, but we are still in the same home. Since we do not have children, there are no issues there. My problem, should I run away as fast possible? Should I continue to tolerate her denials—despite the incriminating DNA lab test results on the clothing

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Jan 14

If anything PCMC after everything is finalized because it might backfire. Going to court with a Narcs is watching an Oscar performance.

Jan 17

@Existing Yes. She is an actress and can cry then stop crying in seconds. When I told her about the settlement papers and my plan to leave, suddenly she had heart palpitations and needed to go to the emergency room. She’s always stated she didn’t cheat and pledged to find whomever is sullying her good name. She said if I find them, let
her know and she will confront them immediately. This week, I told her I have the man’s information and further irrefutable evidence. I told her that it is now time for you to confront him. She said “NO, I WILL NOT DO IT.”

Countdown continues...walking away in February.

Jan 28

Well we’re at 14 days later and I have spoken with my wife’s cheating partner. He’s regretful and has surrendered all files and photos and “gifts” that my wife gave him. One gift was something of mine that I have been searching for years and I even filed a police report.

Of course, my soon to be ex denies having anything to do with him and someone “other worldly” is setting her up. She even denied it to him—while he was on the phone.

Can’t deny all of the footage etc. and the return of my property.

On my way out to sign papers for my new apartment. Almost free from this hell.


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