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Next question... Many have recommended to eat, exercise, sle

Next question... Many have recommended to eat, exercise, sleep, take care of myself, etc. during this time. But I find I literally can't. My thoughts are filled with the affair, I cry, I can't go to work, I just want to lay in bed - literally I am broken.

What are the tricks you guys used in the very beginning to get your a$$ up and out of the house?

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Dec 7

Read and researched a lot- helped get some perspective. Over time the rage and head spinning started to ease because I had more perspective. Worked out with more dedication than ever before in my life. Helped burn off the anger. Be well

Dec 7

@Brandy2018 - wow, thanks for all that. It was comforting to read...

Dec 7

@sarah2018a Pleasure, dear. :)


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