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My husband was served @5:30pm. He did not say a word. I wa

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My husband was served @5:30pm. He did not say a word. I was dreading the confirmation call all day, praying it would not come. I laid down on my living room floor and cried and screamed out to God. You all seem so strong when I read your posts. I am not that strong,despite all the lies I pray for hi to come home: I still love him, I am such a fool.

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Jun 13

@Mar109 narcissistic personality disorder

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Jun 13

@Bee4bdn indeed!

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Jun 13

@Mar109 When toxic people can no longer control you they will try to control how other people view you. Stay above it and eventually those other people will see the truth as you see it. Tell them you’re devastated. Let them know this has crushed you but you will survive. Getting a hobby is not going to give you back your legs. Did you know that the trauma you are going through is the same trauma a rape victim goes through except rape victims are rarely blamed for their rape. We always are blamed for our spouses infidelity plus we’re labeled codependent enablers. Block them all you do not need the abuse. You haven’t done anything to deserve this. (((Hugs)))


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