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My husband has still been communicating with the woman he wa

My husband has still been communicating with the woman he was having an affair with. He lies and then gets mad at me for digging for info and finding it. He equates me getting into his Facebook messages to his cheating. He looks at me like he is disgusted by me. I just left the house to drive somewhere and cry in my car and he hasn’t even noticed I’m gone. I am hurting so bad I don’t know how much more I can take. I breaking into. I have no one to tell. We are going to a marriage counselor tomorrow and he looks at it as a way to prove what an awful wife I am and nothing more. He was screwing his friends wife and cheating on me but claims I he can’t wait to be validated in counseling. I’m sitting in an empty parking lot in my car alone crying.

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@Pinkeyandthefloyd thanks. Every day is different. As soon as he had a couple of beers I become the worst. When I look at my phone he thinks I’m checking his texts etc eve though I can’t. Then he gets mad at me. He says he doesn’t dig into my stuff why should I. Funny thing is I never checked up on him until
I had enough clues to think he was cheating. Then I asked him and knew he was not being honest.

Aug 14

OMGosh can I relate. But in the end, he has to be told. He will be just as humiliated as you and may be willing to keep it between the four of you. My feeling is that as long as the husband doesn't know the affair will continue, Neither one of them are being held accountable.

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Aug 14

@SadNottheFirstTimeForThis You have nothing to be embarrassed or humiliated about, they do! Good, upstanding, caring people don't do this to other people. I think he's pissed you found out and now his world is crumbling. My husband didn't give up the OW , but he moved out a few days after I found out.


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