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My husband gave me Chlamydia. He won’t admit to cheating b

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My husband gave me Chlamydia. He won’t admit to cheating but i get tested for diseases every year at my annual pap and so I know that i have always been free of STD’s. When I came home and told him I said that I could forgive him if he was honest to me about how we got this disease. He simply insisted that we cure it and move on with our life. He denies cheating and says it just as easily could have been me. I love him dearly, I love our family and he is and has been a wonderful father and husband. We have an excellent friendship and truly have a great time together whenever we hang out. I think I can forgive him if he can be honest with me, I need to know if this is a secret sex addiction or a one time thing. Either way I know he doesn’t have another emotional relationship with someone because between his job and his parenting he’s always home with us. He could possibly sneak away for a prostitue or have sex after work before Home but I doubt there is any way it could be anything romantic or emotional. I’ve been treated for the STD but my emotional state has been deteriorating. I will see a counselor in about two weeks and so will he (and we will together). I am not pressuring him to confess, I simply accepted his idea to take the antibiotics and he’s been acting so super nice and somewhat remorseful (although still not admitting he cheated). I know in my heart that he did. I don’t know how to carry on. I’m a naturally trusting person so that will never change, but I want remorse and an apology to be able to grieve and heal. Help! Anyone have a similar experience they were able to heal from and save their marriage?

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Mar 13

Yes, they don’t require a lot of time to cheat. My husband would meet his ow for quickies in her car once every week or two ... over 4 years!! I would get tough with him in terms of consequences if he doesn’t own up to it, otherwise he might just continue to cheat. Either way he is not dealing with what he’s done and how can you have a healthy relationship going forward with a secret like that forever hanging over you?

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Mar 13

Honey he is lying to you and you are making excuses for him in your own head. You do have proof of his infidelity. Go ahead and get angry. Assume the worst and toss him out. You deserve a better man than the one you have now. If you want your situation to change you have to change (((Hugs)))

Mar 13

Mine was always “too stressed” and “too tired” from work. He managed to keep his mistress (old enough to be his child) happy for 4 years until I found out and left. I totally understand and feel for you and your situation.


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