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My D day was 9 months ago, the day before our 6 year anniver


My D day was 9 months ago, the day before our 6 year anniversary. He was always trying to convince me to have another baby. So after much consideration I had arranged to surprize him with the baby talk. Yes I wanted to have another baby! I was so happy I could nearly wait til the next day so we could start trying... His little indiscretion not only left me with an STD, a crippling anxiety and a constant feeling of paranoia. But it left my nest empty. I refuse to leave him because of our child and because I'm not financially stable (part time student) to get a place big enough for me and my kid. But I think about what he did to me and our family every single day. I have tried to get over it but I can't. Anyone who can relate?

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Jul 6

Well I'm certainly empathizing with your plight and am in sort of a similar situation. But are you planning on leaving? Or did he do stuff to make you think he stopped cheating and try to make amends with you? I just know if you wanna leave, in time you'll be able to fulfill the plan to do so. It's what I'm in the process of trying to do.

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Jul 6

@nire I know that! We will trust me!! :D

Jul 11

What he did is always on my mind. No matter how much he tries to make up for it. I just can't get over it. I don't think I can trust him again. It was 3.5 years of lies. And the constant trying and pretending to be happy are eating me alive. I am trying to stay but doubt that I can forgive or be happy in this relationship.


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