My crazy story. I get up and see that my husband slept on th

My crazy story. I get up and see that my husband slept on the couch at some point in the night. So when I saw the pillow on the couch It trigged me, so I went to check his phone and computer. I am half asleep and I accidently dial one of his clients. I hang up put the phone down and deal with my shame around snooping. Later he comes asks did you call my client. I just said yes. he says ok. We keep doing morning things. We both know without words know that I am trigged. So after some coffee I go over to explain and he stops me and says in a sweet and reassuring voice. "I dont know why I could not sleep, I am really behind with work and I am not feeling well, nothing more babe, he blows me a kiss and asks what do you want me to make you for lunch." Oh boy I really got to get the trigger response under control.

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Jan 22

Triggers can cause havoc. They're there for a reason.

Your husband is not only aware of your trigger, he acknowledges and validates it, by explaining (without getting defensive), his actions. It shows that he CV loves and respects you.
Be patient with yourself. Triggers took awhile to be put in place, and will take th time to manage.


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