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MrBrain was right. I caught my wife again today. I will be d

MrBrain was right. I caught my wife again today. I will be divorcing her. I am absolutely crushed and don’t know how to move on.

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Feb 11

@MrBrains such negativity! Those of us here trying to reconcile come here for a glimmer of hope that one day we might be the exception. Giving a false and totally biased statistic like that isn’t helping anyone. Does it make you feel good to say things like this to those that are suffering? Does “being right” give you a sense of superiority over others? Do you like throwing something as hurtful as this in others faces? Others who are suffering probably the worst pain they have and ever will deal with? I understand that having gone through this experience has damaged you, it damaged us all, but isn’t that all the more reason to try spread positivity rather than the negative comments you come here to share? We all need to have hope in our relationships and our partners and you keeping a list of those who believe that people can truly change to only shove it in our faces later if we happen to be wrong? Do you get some weird vindictive pleasure in shaming people who are suffering? This experience was out of our control but the way we choose to react to it is up to us. If we want to believe people can mature and learn from their mistakes why wouldn’t you be anything other than encouraging?

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Feb 11

@Jetski713 yes you are very correct in that this is the most painful situation that most have ever gone through. Imo I think mr. Brains is posting that so we understand what we the bs is up against. That we the bs need to really make sure that our ws are putting in the work, are remorseful, because some of the ws here aren't making or attempting to make the necessary changes they have to in order for their marriages to survive. It is to remind us bs that the statistics are against us and not to be complacent in our relationships but that doesn't mean you won't be in the 30%.

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Feb 11

@MrBrains where is that stat from? There are actually few stats on the topic but the estimates I have seen are not that high.


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