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Movies after betrayal.. Does anyone else struggle when wa

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Movies after betrayal..
Does anyone else struggle when watching movies? I am a movie lover.
Unfortunately, anything hinting about an affair triggers me. One night stands in movies trigger me. Flirting triggers me. I have even found myself shouting “he deserved it!” When a cheating character dies in a movie while sitting with my husband.
Perfect love stories make me cry. Breakups make me angry.
I’m into horror movies because they have less of that stuff and if there is a cheater he/she ends up getting offed.
It has been one year and this part has not improved.

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Jul 9

She confessed. I was stunned. We took the talk out to the deck and my questions started rolling and felt like I was cross examining her cause of her obvious half truths. I went in and the kids were all together. I asked what they heard and they said “Mom has a boyfriend”. I said yep. Sorry and we both love you guys but have a lot to work out. The 10yr old girl didn’t really get it. Boy 12 did and 16 girl lost all respect for her. Relationships between them and her are better but during process Inhad to explain to the teen girl that Im sticking around for the kids and because of the 17 yr marriage. And if this were to happen to her Don’t put up with it!! Not sure where I heard it but working it out when they know could give the kids the sense that it’s ok to get mistreated like that. Confusing... I just wanted it clear that this is not what relationships are about and if you can leave and do better - do so. I say this because I fended off several close call guys that she explained away as nothing before we were married and Had kids. I should have trusted my gut then. We’re better after a year but I’m at a low now cause I’m rehashing all this and our marriage is not what I hoped one would be. I don’t stop wondering who else is out there for me. Sucks cause I can’t look!

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Jul 10

YES! Movies and TV shows are the worst triggers. It's been over 6 years.... there are things I just cannot watch.

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Jul 14

@Saywhen I feel very similar!!


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