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Life has taught me 1. That betrayals are never the victim's

Life has taught me
1. That betrayals are never the victim's fault. Betrayals occur bc of the betrayers selfishness.
2. Those who betray u don't understand anything about love.
3. That no one comes to know happiness unless he/she has cried.
4. That if u leave this world without intensely loving someone, not min of your life was worth it.
5. That betrays never end well. In the long or short run.
6. That whoever hurts another in name of love has never truly loved.
7. That if u never forgive, u will never be completely happy again.
8. That children understand the true essence of love. They take 5 seconds to forgive u and only 1 second to forget your mistakes.
9. That there is nothing wrong with second chances, as long as you know that u run the risk of suffering again.
10. That if u don't risk suffering u run the risk of never winning.
11. That if u forgive, u must forget or the torture will continue forever.
12. That the best medicine for when the world collapses on your shoulders is to serve others.
13. That friends are the best care for the soul.
14. That laughing at yourself is a healthy habit.
15. That every second u invest in yourself will always be 1 of the best seconds of your life.
16. That pride is the worst enemy of love.
17. That advice is welcome, but only u know what it feels like to be in your shoe's
18. The worst thing u can do is make decisions to please others over yourself.
19. That no matter how much pain you feel today, tomorrow it will only be a memory.
20. That no man or woman deserves your tears.
21. That until u make the decision to stop feeling sorry for yourself. U will never stop suffering.
22. That if u forgive and forget love will knock on your door again.
23. That this too shall pass.

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May 13, 2017

@Ceciliamcd totally agree they definitely need to remember the hurt and pain they caused.

Ceciliamcd's picture
May 13, 2017

There is some hurt you can never ever forget . In time you learn to accept what as happene and move in the direction you choose to .

May 19, 2017

I love these "words of wisdom". Do u mind if I copy them and use them for myself?


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