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Keeping in mind that you cannot change the affair(s). What

Keeping in mind that you cannot change the affair(s). What would you change in your past if you could go back in time? Do you think the change(s) would have prevented the affair(s)?

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beth65's picture
Aug 7

@Sdiamond1026 my dad was a navy man, he used to say shi# or get off the pot. Idk if this applies to you but I keep thinking you need to just do something.

Sdiamond1026's picture
Aug 11

@beth65 Funny you say that, lol. My dermatologist said the same thing to me a few years back. My hair was falling out like crazy back then due to the stress of it all and I went to see him. I told him the truth of what happened. I went back about 4 times for steroid shots in my scalp to try to help the situation. So we talked and he is around my age and is a cool doctor. He went through a divorce he told me. So yeah he told me I need to $hit or get off the pot.

brentleely's picture
Aug 11

Sadly, no, I don’t think it would have mattered. I found out a few months after my ex wife had cheated that she had cheated on every prior relationship in almost the exact same way. But if I could go back and change anything it would be that I wouldn’t have worked so much at a job I hated for someone that didn’t appreciate it and spent more time with my kiddos. Luckily, I left that job when my son was 3 and my daughter was 2, so I have been able to do plenty of make up time since.


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