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Jeesh - I'm on a roll with posts today. Lol! Is it obvious

Jeesh - I'm on a roll with posts today. Lol! Is it obvious that today is one of those really BAD mind wondering and racing days? Does anyone else have a cheater that accuses them (even if jokingly) about them cheating? My husband ALWAYS has. Snide comments here and there. Even before the affair. Post -affair I thought "well - the old saying is true, those that do bad things expect others do too" but it is really getting under my skin lately. He has actually written on paper when we did a marriage exercise that he knows I'm NOT a cheater (mind you this is before I found out about his affair and he was smack in the middle of it when he wrote that. GRRR!!!!) so I don't understand why he keeps this up. Mostly its joking comments - oh - going to see your boyfriend, tell your boyfriend not to do that - I don't like it (when he sees my neck red from our DOGS!), doesn't he know I'm home? - when my phone goes off. I have never cheated. Not on him, not on anyone, and never will so this is really starting to bother me. Because we second guess EVERYTHING once we've been betrayed, it's starting to make me think maybe he says these to throw me off of something he is doing (again).... Am I over-thinking? I usually do :(

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Mar 13, 2018

Unfortunately, it can be any of them. imagine someone moves on into another relationship and a certain behavior triggers a memory... you can find yourself accusing your so of cheating. Cheating is the equivalence of roaches breeding. Not even an atomic blast can eradicate the little buggers in your head. The insecurity lives on and replicates like a damaging virus. No one person is immune and no one person can vaccinate themselves against it because human nature is dynamic. No one person on planet earth is perfect and to expect perfection is a set up for failure. How does one inoculate themselves against the plagues of human failure? By fortifying your own selves. Boost your immunity by loving yourself. If you love yourself you will accept nothing less than what you deserve. Teach your children this as well to boost their immunity to just settling for less than what they deserve in life. It is after all what we strive for. Someone who is a survivor fights to claim what is their right. Every human has a right to be loved and be respected. Just my opinion.

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Apr 13

I feel the same way I always over thinking every thing My stomach is always in knots waiting for the rest my life to fall apart

Apr 13

Before I learned all about my h cheating, he too accused me of cheating. But he wasn't joking. This was while he himself was cheating! He had no basis for it and he knew how hurtful his accusations were. I had to reassure him that there was no one else. It was so upsetting to know that he didn't trust me. But he was the one not to be trusted.


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