I've had my fair share of infidelity from a cheating spouse.

I've had my fair share of infidelity from a cheating spouse. Short story: My husband had been entangled in an affair with a junior colleague at work three years into our marriage and that had been going on for two years. I never had an inkling that was going on, until i took a glance at a message saying " I had a nice time with you last night, call me when you're about to leave for work" from a number he saved with a man's name. At that point my whole mood had become so unstable with so many thoughts already creeping up into my head, i started wondering what that message really meant and if my husband had turned gay. i had to patiently wait for him to get back into the room so i could start my investigative interrogation. He replied with affirmations that it had to do with an event he attended last night and it was nothing to worry about. It was at that point my intuitions made me feel something strange was going on which i didn't know about. After that day he had been stylishly over-protective of his phone. He changed his password to his two phones and always never went out of sight with it. I admit that a phone is someone's privacy but when it gets to a point where one is overprotective of his mobile device it gets suspicious. I noticed that a lot of his usual activities had changed, he wasn't spending time with me and that was unlike him, he always preferred to be with his phone all the time and when he isn't pressing the phone the screen faces down. A week after that day i confronted him calmly stating my observations and how he's been acting really suspicious lately. He started asking funny questions like "Why do you need to see my phone, don't you trust me" ? So, i confronted him but he never came clean, instead, he picked up a fight and made me feel stupid for suspecting him. Few days later after so much pondering, I told my friend about it and she advised me to hire a private investigator to confirm my suspicion that he might be cheating but I didn't like the idea of someone following him around. Eventually, i got something better, another friend introduced me to an IT genius by name THE CODE LINGUIST who helped me get into my husband's phone remotely because at that time he had travelled on a job posting. I couldn't just help it but to confirm my suspicions and also i needed to get hold of his hidden activities. Sadly my suspicions came to light. My husband has been seeing someone else. The genius provided me with text messages, phone call recordings, pictures my husband sent from our matrimonial bed, email of him flirting with his secretary through an app he developed specially for me. As i went through the app i saw a statement where he told her he was glad he met her two years ago, at that point i knew when the affair had been going on. So i confronted him again on the 21st of December when he was back after some weeks, he denied it again. I became so mad at him for being so much of a liar but he kept his cool and didn't say a word to me. Since that day till now our communication had been seriously affected, please i need advice on what to do especially now that i have proofs of his infidelity. I'm so confused and at crossroads as i really don't know what to do at this point

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@eddie1975 I know, right?

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Jan 13

My recommendation would be to share the app with everyone on this site so they have the same access. If mentioning this wonderful app is altruistic, then you wouldn't have any issue sharing it for free with the hundreds of betrayed spouses on this site struggling with gaslighting that could benefit from it.


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