I've been living with the knowledge that my husband is not f

I've been living with the knowledge that my husband is not faithful for 3 years now, pretending everything is ok & that I don't know what he's doing, just to keep our son's life as stable as possible until he he gets through high school. So he graduated this year and I've just confronted my husband with the evidence 2 days ago. Needless to say, the past few days have been awful, and I would really like to find a local support group meeting. Not real good with online chats. Anyone have any helpful hints about how to find a local meeting? Not getting anything with online searches. I'm in the Bel Air, MD area.

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Aug 14

@Carolyn2017 You are so strong! I can't imagine knowing those things for so long. Good for you for taking time for yourself. My story is similar. My Dday was over a year ago. I found out about 4 years of 'off and on' online dating, sexting, etc. 2 months later he came clean to me about 2 work flings that involved some physical stuff. Dday 2 is sometime next week. :/ The online stuff was just as hurtful as the work flings; but also made me realize he is the one with the problem. I have stayed because we have young kids, he has done everything I ask (even as far as having matching texts at one point for a few months), and he's totally transparent now. He regularly sees an IC, we go to MC, and Ive meet with an IC a few times. He now admits that he was a complete a$$hole to me, and doesn't want to be that person anymore. He is changing; but he's had to decide for himself that that is who he wants to be.

Aug 14

Hi Carolyn. I am sorry to hear about your situation. You deserve better than than. Belair, MD! Wow. We're practically neighbors. I live in Baltimore County. Anyway, this might not be exactly what you're looking for, but Google DivorceCare. I'm not sure if you're heading down the divorce route or if you are seeking other assistance. I am joining a Divorce Care group in September that will be located in Timonium, MD, and I honestly can't wait. My husband walked out on me four months ago for another woman. He has made it perfectly clear that after our 25 year relationship that he's done with me. I was blindsided and crushed. Still am. I need to be in the company of others like myself who are in the same boat. Divorce Care will provide this for me. Also, you might want to contact some local churches for support. They might be able to direct you too. Best of luck to you neighbor, and God bless.

Aug 14

@StrugglingSo ive heard thats a great program. Wish you success!


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