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It's so unfair that I have to suffer for someone else's acti


It's so unfair that I have to suffer for someone else's actions. How long does it take to stop hurting? Will it ever stop hurting? Do you ever truly get over something like this?

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Jul 11

I decided to stay and I just started feeling better in the last 2 months (it's been 11 months since I found out). This was the only time he has cheated on me, but I have been cheated on in the past by others and the recovery time was different each time. And that is not to say that I'm 100% over it this time. I am seeing a therapist and it has helped me (I know that some people are not keen on therapy, but it has helped me). I have also just recently started posting on this forum although I've been reading the posts for months. It helped me to know that unfortunately I am not alone. I think while the situations are different for everyone that the feelings of devastation, isolation, and questioning why did this happen are the same. We all struggle with the same feelings and it was beneficial for me to see that other people got thru it. And you will too Bean, even if you don't believe it. I know I didn't believe I would survive and I am surviving every day. It takes time, unfortunately. Don't give up on yourself, you are stronger than you think.

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Jul 11

@FLGirlStuck I think most here would say therapy is definitely a good thing. I went and it helped me. I have been cheated on by others also and I agree each time was different. I'm glad to see you are moving forward.


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