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It's been almost two weeks since I found out about his infid

It's been almost two weeks since I found out about his infidelity. I don't think I love him anymore because when I see him I'm constantly reminded of his infidelity. I can't stand for him touch me for aback massage. I feel repulsed by him and in my heart I feel like I married trash. He ruined came into my life and destroyed it. Were in separate rooms but his face is a constant reminder. I want to treat him like crap but I can't because it's not who I'am

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Jul 21

I am late but I am so sorry. Hang in there.

Jul 31

It will take time for the hurt to subside some, but if you have had a good marriage and this is the only time he has failed and he wants to work at it, is it really worth throwing in the towel? What would you want to happen if the roles were reversed and you were so apologetic and wanted to make it right? I'm not defending anyone cheating on anyone else, but forgiveness and true repentance from an infidelity can be healing in a marriage and there is not one single person on this planet that is perfect. Forgiving him is not letting him off the hook for what he did, but helps you heal.

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Aug 1

@[email protected] very good book. I am reading it now as I am still living with the person who is cheating on me. But good book! Very helpful!


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