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Its been 4+ years and I still feel sad, hurt, completely ema

Its been 4+ years and I still feel sad, hurt, completely emasculated, and often triggered. I'm just ready for it all to go away.

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Sep 15

@confuzion7410 Yes, that is the case.

Sep 16

@hurtbuthealing It does take a long time. I am 6 years from D-day and there are days I feel like I have finally reached the summit of the mountain, and then the very next day I feel like I am just starting the climb. Emasculated is an accurate word. I hope your partner is doing all they can to help you recover.

Sep 16

Hi- My sister left her husband with her daughter because of emotional abuse. It was difficult for my sister to finally make this decision because she’s a full-time Mom with no savings. She was so discouraged but by the grace of God she is moving forward. It’s been almost 3 years, she’s doing alright and decided to be friends with her husband.

I’m sorry that you are going through this pain. Everyone grieves differently and there is no wrong and right way of grieving. If you still feel the pain, acknowledge your feelings and take one step at a time. My sister used to be so angry and frustrated with her husband but after grieving I can say now that she’s making progress. Her support group made a huge impact on her healing. Feel free to post anytime, we are here for each other. I hope you will find comfort here.

Take care of yourself. God bless.


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