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It's 2 months now, I was doing good as he is showing love


It's 2 months now, I was doing good as he is showing love n keep on saying it was not my fault at all it just happened n he realized his mistake . But day before yesterday I got some trigger n then I got lost in my thoughts I started thinking all over again, when this happens his one little action like not smiling makes me crazy n started crying.then he started crying too as he can't see me sad. He is trying hard,he helps me with everything,we go out we watch movies...n I feel happy when he is with me. But still sometime it's too bad...they had no physical relationship and he looks hapPy now, when he was in relationship he was more depressed. Life is good ,when everything is right then why we don't feel real happiness. He supported me all these years,why can't we just let it go? Why can't we just remember good days?

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Feb 19

Do not feel bad, in the beginning you want to rush this but you have to pace yourself. Your h needs to acknowledge he made a choice not a mistake.

Feb 19

Yeah I’m 14 months in. He’s working and trying and supporting best he can and I still lose it and cry. It takes a toll on everything you had and have. It rocks you, don’t discount your feelings. When you’re ready to fully heal and realize how awesome you are, you will

Feb 29

Have you considered counseling? That can be a big help in such situations.


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