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November 19th, 2020


It has been four years....and we are still trying to rebuild

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It has been four years....and we are still trying to rebuild from his multiple affairs plus bankruptcy behind my back. Worst part—-he cheated on me the first time three months after I gave birth to our twins and sent my beautiful newborn baby pictures to her....that was the first affair....and four years later we are still trying to rebuild and he can’t keep his word consistently for small rebuilding activities. For example: if he says he won’t lie about something specific—-he ends up lying about that specific thing.

It hurts and I know I need to walk away....and let go....but it’s so hard to face that he isn’t who I met.

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Jun 30

I also have a husband who cheated on me for several years, several times and bankrupted us. There are many times I wish I had left him when I had the chance. We are coming up on three years since the last "big D Day" but I've continued to find things since but haven't in recent months. I don't think I will ever trust him or be vulnerable to him again and that's just not fair to either of us. I wish I had another opportunity to find something he's lying about again, like the many I've had before, just so this time I can just be done.

Jun 30

I hear your pain - I am sorry. 4 years and still lying...geeze.It is difficult with children and an entire life, not an easy decision at all. You'll make it through this, you have made it this far. Sending good thoughts your way.

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Jun 30

@SadieG building the TRUST back up after the LUST took over will be the hardest part. Make sure you are totally cleared of it. and really have let go of the resentment. the resentment and anger and betrayal is rea;l. but forgiveness is on your terms. Yes you forgave him but perhaps the PAIN still lingers. He is not off the hook till you let him know!


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