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It’s been about 4.5 months since my husband admitted to hi

It’s been about 4.5 months since my husband admitted to his 4+ year long affair with the OW who knew he was married and I was pregnant. We’ve only been married 6 years so it’s pretty painful. I still find myself having ruminating thoughts constantly and having vivid pictures in my head of them together. I find myself stalking her on the computer. He says he wants to work it out and I have seen some slight differences in him but since the trust is broken it is really hard to move forward. For Christmas he bought me a new beautiful wedding band. I want to Facebook friend or Facebook message this OW and show her the ring, show her the pictures of us with our kids happy just to see if she responds or maybe I’m thinking she’ll say they’re still talking. Problem is I did initially threaten her life the night I found out about the affair in a moment of rage and shock. I eventually called her and told her off without threats and I said I expected her to never contact my husband again. She said she never would and she never wanted to be contacted by either of us or she would be filing a restraining order. Just wondering the consensus of whether she can do that for sending some pictures of us through Facebook or if I should just not?

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Don't contact her.
I second @devastedinptbo idea of posting the images you mentioned on social media. If you're cyberstalking her (normal at your point in recovery...but should talk to a therapist or someone about this to ensure it doesn't get unhealthy), she is most definitely cyberstalking you. The best revenge is a life lived well.

Jan 11

For our 2nd wedding anniversary my husband got me dozen red & white roses, heart necklace and earring, plus heart ring. I wanted so badly to message ow asking her what my husband ever got her. Which would be nothing.

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Jan 11

@Snsa true. My husband said he never gave the OW money or got her anything.


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