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I'm upset and am in need of you guys. I just discovered the

I'm upset and am in need of you guys. I just discovered the AP's has posted a song called "Girl Crush" by a band called Big Little Town on her social media on a "special day" from their "relationship". It has been a year since she told me about the affair. FFS!

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Jul 13

@starbucksdevotee believe I have crumpled many times. But I have always rised.

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Jul 18

@starbucksdevotee WOW what a crazy snatch

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Jul 18

I also check the OW's page (I wish I didn't) and last week she posted a convo between her and her daughter where she was checking out a "hottie at the pool - he bald too" bc apparently that's what she likes. My husband has a shaved head. Then she went on to say that she can't talk to hotties. I so desperately wanted to reply to that thread saying "1 - you can't talk to them unless they are married and 2 - my husband started shaving his head 15 years ago when we first met at work and I said I liked guys with shaved heads (the next day at work his was shaved). But alas, I couldn't and second what Kas said...she is jealous and still thinks about my husband a year and a half later...


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