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I'm having a hard time trusting my husband. I don't know wha

I'm having a hard time trusting my husband. I don't know what to do. We had a discussion today and he asked me what can I do so you believe me? I said stop lying. He said I'm not lying. I said you are not lying now but you did for so long that it's hard for me to trust anything you say. I have all passwords, access to phone,email. He calls me. Let's me know where he is, what he's doing etc. I just can't let myself trust him .

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Dec 2

I totally get the trust issues. Lesson I learned from my husband affair is that I will never trust him fully again. I'm starting to trust him a little more but it will never be 100% again. Trust is like break a glass into a million pieces once the glass is glued back together there cracks in the glass.

Dec 2

I stayed with my ex husband for two years after I discovered he was having an affair( phone records) so I understand not trusting. At some point though you are going to have to ask yourself what more can he do if he is doing everything and you still don’t trust him. Just like loving him again is a choice, is it possible that we just have to choose to trust them?

Dec 3

It will take time to trust him again but you can rebuild the relationship. Have you gone for counseling?


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