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I'm having a gut feeling that there is something at the very

I'm having a gut feeling that there is something at the very least inappropriate going on with my husband and a woman he sees a couple times a month for work. So before I confronted him about his one night stand/emotional affair with the woman who lives across the country, he knew that I knew and it was hanging over our marriage like a black cloud and he said he thought I would leave him. There was one night he was texting this other woman about work, which is totally normal with his line of work, and she started flirting with him and ended up sending him a bunch of pictures of you know what. When I confronted him about the first woman I asked him flat out if there was anything going on with this other chick because I had seen the phone logs from that night, and i dont know but 100 texts back and forth is usually not work related. He said no, just friends. A month later i looked at his phone and found the pictures and we had a huge blowout about it and set boundaries about this woman. They have to see each other for work, no way around it. I told him to keep it professional and if she sends anything not work related to tell me.
So obviously I dont trust him to tell me the truth about this crap and I still check his phone logs and compare with his texts to see what was said. A few days ago they had a quick exchange of texts (probably 4 each) but he has deleted it from his phone so I dont know what was said. My only reasoning is he deleted something inappropriate thinking I wouldn't check the logs.
I don't know what to think. I don't think he'll be honest with me if I ask him and I'm so fed up with lies!!

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Oct 19

Your husband should still pay, don’t think he got his comeuppance.

Oct 19

He's the one who jeopardize your family business and finances because now that he did this he shouldn't be working with her ever again. Just my opinion.

Oct 20

@livefornow I love your username because I think that says it all. It's not your job (in my opinion) to judge your husband or to make him pay for anything he has done. Live in the moment. Live in the present. Don't go looking for signs of infidelity. If it exists, eventually, it will show its ugly head. If your husband is trying to earn your trust, great, but even if he isn't, don't drive yourself crazy with snooping around. I've learned that when you look for something, you typically find it which only causes more hurt and pain. Good luck!


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